44212 Bubble Shine Prt-Sand/Coral (01)
44202 Rayon Voile Prt-Orange Multi (01)
44045 Linen Tencel-White (01)
43743 Organic Cotton Rib-Strawberry (21)
43720 Demi Knit-Ivory (03)
43655 Pebble Satin Prt-Beige/ Red (02)
40451 Perla Knit-Kumquat (42)
40451 Perla Knit-Sea Coral (36)
35894 Morocco Poplin-Black (02)
34801 Viscose Twill-Seaweed (47)

Crochet knit is characterized by its looping and openwork designs, which is created by a specialized hook. This fabric’s unique aesthetic comes from its handcrafted look. It is lightweight, has a soft textured hand feel and is suitable for drapey fashion apparel such as cover ups, wraps and tops.

Rayon Voile is a lightweight woven fabric made of rayon fibres.  Its soft, semi-sheer, smooth texture gives it a lustrous sheen. It is ideal for making blouses, flowy dresses, and skirts.  It also lends well to home décor items such as curtains and bed linens.

Chiffon georgette is a lightweight and matte sheer fabric with a slight crepe texture. This fabric drapes very well and gives more coverage than regular chiffon. It is generally used for bouses, dresses, skirts or lining without adding to the weight of the overall outfit.