44046 Bubble Shine Prt-Lilac/ Lime (01)
44037 Bubble Shine Prt-White/Multi (01)
43743 Organic Cotton Rib-Cyan Blue (22)
43717 Satin Jacquard-Violet Candy (12)
43072 Picasso Poplin-Ivory (03)
43020 Luscious Recycled Satin-Navy (04)
39825 Cotton Gauze-Espresso (40)
67024 Parker II-Teal (23)
66101 Tokyo Suiting-Burnt Orange (14)
32479 Arabella Satin-Hungarian Pepper (82)

Eyelet also known as broderie anglaise is characterized by patterns composed of round or oval holes which are cut out of the fabric, then bound with overcast stitches. The most used patterns are flowers, leaves, vines, or stems. Eyelets are usually produced with cotton or cotton blends fabrics and are ideal for sewing for blouses, dresses & children’s clothing.

Silk crepe is a super lightweight semi-sheer crepe fabric with a silky finish and smooth hand feel. Silk Crepe drapes beautifully and has great durability and excellent wrinkle resistance. Whether making a dress, skirt, blouse, or even lingerie, silk crepe is the fabric you’ll need.

Bubble Satin is a lightweight woven fabric created by the raised surface effect that resembles tiny bubbles. Because of its subtle shine, this fabric pairs nicely with vivid colors and prints. Bubble Satin creates a soft and easy drape that makes it ideal for evening wear, fitted dressed and skirts.