44215 Cotton Voile Solid (I)-Sunflower (59)
44215 Cotton Voile Solid (I)-Amethyst (49)
44037 Bubble Shine Prt-Lilac Multi (04)
40451 Perla Knit-Cyan Blue (41)
39825 Cotton Gauze-Beige (06)

Viscose Jersey is a blend of viscose and spandex that results in a fabric with a soft hand feel and lots of stretch. It is a great summer fabric because it is absorbent, breathable and comfortable. This versatile jersey is suitable for both top and bottom weights as well as dresses.

Rayon also known as viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber. It has a smooth, comfortable texture that feels soft to the touch and has a shiny finish. Rayon has a fluid drape, is moisture absorbent and does not retain heat making it breathable. It is a perfect match for drapey tops, summer dresses and relaxed bottoms.

Rayon/ Spandex woven together provides a wonderful stretch. This fabric blend is lightweight, crease resistant, has beautiful drape and feels cool to the touch. It doesn’t pill over time and is breathable, making it perfect for warm summer weather. Use this fabric blend for dresses, tops, palazzo pants or maxi skirts.