44223 Risha Cotton-White (01)
44116 Majestic Satin-Lilac (26)
44052 Bubble Shine Prt-Pink/Ivory (01)
44051 Bubble Shine Prt-Orange/Pink (02)
43717 Satin Jacquard-Coral (14)
67024 Parker II-Optic White (01)
67024 Parker II-Scarlet (18)
35894 Morocco Poplin-FUCHSIA (10)
32820 Vanessa Chiffon-Silver (08)

Bubble Satin is a lightweight woven fabric with a raised surface effect that resembles tiny bubbles. Because of its subtle shine, this fabric pairs nicely with vivid colors and prints. Bubble Satin creates a soft and easy drape that makes it ideal for evening wear, fitted dressed and skirts.

Chiffon georgette is a lightweight and matte sheer fabric with a slight crepe texture. This fabric drapes very well and gives more coverage than regular chiffon. It is generally used for bouses, dresses, skirts or lining without adding to the weight of the overall outfit.

Linen is a woven fabric whose natural fibers derive from the flax plant. This fabric has a crisp hand feel initially but with time and use it becomes soft and supple to the touch. Linen is very strong, absorbent and can be worn all year round. It is perfect for relaxed garments such as soft suiting, dresses, shirts, and skirts and commonly used for home décor.