44630 Teddy Prt-Purple/Pink (02)
44630 Teddy Prt-Mint/Pink (01)
44594 Camilla Knit-Sage (11)
44594 Camilla Knit-Golden (09)
44514 Kimora Knit-Lilac (08)
44223 Risha Cotton-Sage (09)
44214 Modal French Terry-Lilac (11)
44076 Melrose Flow Prt-Pink (03)
43743 Organic Cotton Rib-Dusty Pink (09)
42548 Mathilde knit-Grey (06)

Featured Fabrics

Risha cotton

Risha cotton has a washed cotton appearance which make the fabric softer- and gives it a relaxed, lived-in feel and appearance. This fabric is comfortable to wear , has good strength and drapes well. Risha Cotton is suitable for shirts, loose tunic tops, flowy skirts,dresses, pants and sheeting for home decor.

Teddy Print

Teddy print is a curly piled fabric structure made of polyester that features a plaid design. The texture is soft and fluffy just like a teddy. It has a good insulation which guarantees to keep you warm during fall and winter. This fabric is perfect for making jackets, loungewear clothing, accessories and even for home décor.

Modal French Terry

Modal French Terry is a buttery, midweight terry with a smooth face and loops on the inside. Made from a blend of modal and spandex, this knit fabric is soft to the touch with great recovery. This comfortable, plush fabric is perfectly suited for everything from tops to loungewear.