44651 21W CORDUROY-Navy (04)
44249 Linen Stripe-Black (02)
44538 Knit Knack Prt-Aqua Multi (01)
44530 Reina Rib Prt-Red/ Black (02)
43742 Organic Cotton Fleece-Royal (13)
43742 Organic Cotton Fleece-Red (05)
43503 Cadenza Knit-Camel (07)
43049 Recycled Cotton Terry-Hungarian Pepper (20)
41697 Duomo Suede-Wine (15)

Featured Fabrics:

Ribbed Jersey

Ribbed Jersey has a distinctive ridged pattern running vertically along the fabric’s print. This fabric is very soft to touch, has good drape and is quite stretchy. The ribbed effect allows it to stretch without distorting its shape. It is perfect for making loungewear, tops, dresses and leggings

Duomo Suede

This  faux suede fabric is made of a blend of polyester and spandex that resembles genuine suede. It has a soft hand feel and is tough, durable, and stain-resistant . This easy-to-care for fabric is appropriate for apparel such as light jackets, tops, cool vests, skirts and more

Organic cotton fleece

Organic Cotton Fleece Fabric is a soft, comfortable, warm, and breathable fabric made of organic cotton fibers. It’s uniqueness lies in its fluffy pile, rendering it ultra plush and cozy. It has a smooth surface with a soft rush backing ,making it a perfect choice for sweaters ,cozy sweatpants and children’s clothing .