44535 Knit Knack Prt-Blue (01)
44529 Reina Rib Prt-Wine Multi (03)
44223 Risha Cotton-Lilac (10)
44100 Denim Prt-Dark Blue (02)
42698 Heavenly Terry-Beige (04)
42521 Phoebe Pinstripe-Navy (04)
39036 Chichi II-Lime (09)

Featured Fabrics:

Denim Print

This Denim print is a twill weave blend of cotton and polyester. Soft to the touch, this fabric is a bit stiff as it does not have much stretch. This denim holds its shape and size with a lot of wear. Ideal for relaxed and casual clothing.

Organic cotton fleece

Organic cotton is one of the most sustainable fabrics. Its production method reduces the environmental impact making it eco-friendly, sustainable, and hypoallergenic.  This fabric is known for being breathable fabric and having an ultra soft hand feel. The organic cotton fleece is also a strong and resilient fabric that guarantees longevity. It is perfect for making tops, sweaters, and loungewear clothing.

Teddy Sherpa

Teddy Sherpa is a curly piled fabric structure made of polyester. The texture is soft and fluffy just like a teddy. It has a good insulation which guarantees to keep you warm during fall and winter. This fabric is perfect for making jackets, loungewear clothing, accessories and even for home décor.