WEDDING STYLE GUIDE: A Winter Wonderland Wedding

How appropriate is a winter wonderland wedding considering the upcoming season!? this theme is an easy one to follow, and it’s a great direction to go for a wedding. If you want to bring out that inner princess, the look of this theme is perfect for you. The sparkle, the sheen, the glitz, the glamour and let’s not forget the boundless romance that this season often brings out in us!

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There are many perks to having your wedding during the winter, especially when your location has snow on the ground (free décor!). Venues often drop their rates during this time of the year, since the majority of weddings tend to happen through the warmer months.

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In the cooler months, darker, richer colors work best. Mix these rich tones with silver and white, and you’ll have a great, simple color palette that will photograph wonderfully.  Classic winter white dresses with a ballroom silhouette tend to be the most sought after.  Tulle, sequins, feathers …the more the merrier! If you prefer a more traditional look you can still achieve a lot of drama with simple fabrics such taffeta and dupioni by pleating, gathering and folding.  Add a fur shawl, shrug or coat and it will really tie the overall theme and look together, while keeping you cozy and warm!


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Our head purchaser, Stephanie Dalfen, had her own Winter Wonderland wedding this last March and happily answered some questions we had for her:

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Jessica. P: Hi Steph, first off, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your winter wonderland wedding! You got married last March, congratulations! Why did you and your husband decide to have a winter wedding and what was the best and worst part of having it during that time of the year?
Stephanie: There were many reasons why we chose to have a winter wedding. We wanted to avoid the heat mainly! I married a man who would live in an igloo if he could. Also, as the winter months are quieter in the event industry, we had access and greater bargaining power with all our event people of choice. This allowed us to secure our desired photographer and florist, for example. For me, the best part of having a winter wedding was getting to wear my grandmother’s beautiful fur cape. It was the perfect “something borrowed”, and really tied the winter bride look together. No cons to a winter wedding – but then again, we lucked out – no snowstorm that day!
Jessica. P: Those are great reasons. In the process of planning and during the day itself, what kind of bride were you?
Stephanie: Relaxed! It would be a shame to let such an amazing time in your life fly by if you’re too stressed out. Best to enjoy all the special moments of the wedding day as well as all the occasions leading up to the big day.
Jessica. P: So you must have been well organized to be so relaxed. How many months in advance did you start planning for your dress?
Stephanie: About 6 months in advance – Average order time for any bridal gown.
Jessica. P: How did you decide on your dress? Did you see it somewhere, or did you just have an image in your head of what you wanted it to look like?
Stephanie: What girl hasn’t envisioned their wedding gown?! I had a rough image in my mind, of the silhouette mostly, not exact details. I tried on about 10 dresses, but I knew as soon as I saw it that this would be the one!
Jessica. P: And how many fittings did it take before it looked just right?
Stephanie: Only two fittings – the fitting process went so smoothly. One of TÉLIO’s customers, Melissa Gentile, fitted my dress. She did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.
Jessica. P: Sounds like everything went pretty smoothly for you, but I am sure you had envisioned what choosing your dress would be like before even beginning to look. What was something you least expected to happen during the process?
Stephanie: For it to feel so natural. Once I found my dress, it just felt so right. I was so comfortable in it, and really felt like myself.
Jessica. P: Wow, lucky you! Can you give brides in the process of choosing their special dress one word of advice?
Stephanie: Enjoy it! Playing dress up in beautiful gowns is so much fun!
Jessica. P: Now for the bridesmaids, you chose a TÉLIO fabric and allowed your bridesmaids to create their own dresses with it. Anything you learned from going about it that way?
Stephanie: I think I made a great choice. It allowed for me to have the exact color I wanted, and for my bridesmaids to create the ideal dress that they wanted to wear. Everyone wins. TÉLIO’s Miyuki Satin was a great choice, the color and drape looked absolutely beautiful on all my bridesmaids.
Jessica. P: Could you give brides one word of advice on choosing bridesmaids dresses from your experience?
Stephanie: Chose whichever fabric and color makes you happy! Don’t let your bridesmaids convince you otherwise! It’s your day so you get to make all the decisions!
Jessica. P: O.K, I have to ask. Is there anything you would do differently for the process of choosing your dress, if you could go back in time?
Stephanie: Wouldn’t change a thing!
Jessica. P: I thought so; sounds like you had everything well under control! I need to know, what was your favorite part of being a bride on the day of your wedding?
Stephanie: Marrying my best friend, and celebrating with all our friends and family.

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Here are some of TÉLIO’s customers that you should check out if you are in the market for a wedding dress! 

If you are in the Toronto area you can check out: 
1. Nina Duong
2. Ines Disanto
3. Sposa Italia
And for beautiful bridesmaid dresses: Champagne and Cupcakes

If you are in the Vancouver area go to: 
1. Jason Matlo
2. Something Blue Vancouver 
3.  Truvelle

If you are in the Montreal Area, check out:
1. Rush Couture  
2. Les Noces Couture 

Here are some decorating ideas to add to your winter wonderland wedding theme!


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Good luck with all your planning!

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