TÉLIO TALK: Annual Volunteer Day 2015

Last Thursday, we paused all operations at our headquarters in Montreal and Toronto for our annual volunteer day. All our of office and warehouse employees went out to various organizations to give a helping hand for a day!

This important event started in 2012, the year of TÉLIO’s 60th anniversary, when our company presidents had a desire to give back to the community and thought of this fun way to get involved and help those in need.

Some of us interacted directly with people, some helped prepare events and donations, some participated in the cleaning of parks, spent time with rescued animals and helped out businesses during a side walk sale.

We were given a list of organizations and we could chose where we wanted to give our time.


Credits: Télio


Credits: Télio

Here’s a list of the places where we volunteered this year:

Accueil Bonneau: an organization that contributes to the rehabilitation of the homeless.

Association des popotes roulantes du Montréal Métropolitain: whose mission is to support and facilitate the development of other ‘Meals on wheels’ in the Montreal region.

Cummings Centre: a non-profit community organization that provides services and programs to individuals 50 years of age and over, ranging from those who function autonomously to those who have become frail.

Le Chainon: a women’s shelter that has been helping women in crisis since 1932 and supports them in their endeavour to lead a better life.

Sun Youth: which provides a highly personalized service and implements new programs to improve the current situation of its clientèle through education, awareness and material assistance.

Montréal Ronald McDonald House: which provides a home away from home for the families of seriously ill children who are staying at a nearby hospital.

Moisson Montréal: their mission is to ensure an optimal food supply to the community organizations that provide assistance to people in crisis on the island of Montreal.

Animal Rescue Network: Montreal’s largest no-kill shelter dedicated to the welfare of abused and abandoned animals.

Canadian Cancer Society: a national, community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer

The Scott Mission: a street mission in downtown Toronto, serving the poor and needy. They welcome individuals and families to access spiritual, relational and practical resources in a journey towards hope and transformation.

Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest: a non-profit organization that promotes citizens’ quality of life through actions of embellishment, cleanliness and recycling while supporting the environmental health of south west Montreal.

Those of us that were new to TÉLIO and this annual tradition went in with no expectations and were pleasantly surprised at the generous spirits of the other volunteers as well as the enormous gratitude the service receivers showed towards us. It was a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. More so than we imagined it would be! If you have the time in your weekly schedule to give back, we highly recommend it!


Credits: Télio


Credits: Télio

We’re very thankful to TÉLIO for letting us take part in this amazing activity and we encourage you to talk to your employer and see if this could be a possibility for your company!

After our day of volunteering, we all headed back to TÉLIO headquarters for the first of our summer BBQs in our amazing garden!

Télio BBQ

Credit: André Télio


Credit: Jeremie Romain

Télio BBQ

Credit: André Télio


Credit: André Télio

It was a great way to end such an amazing day. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the music was playing! We ate hamburgers, Italian sausages and hot-dogs and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other outside of our daily routines. We had so much fun just catching up that we didn’t even end up playing the games we had prepared for the BBQ (we’ll keep them for next time)!

Never underestimate the power of a good conversation!

We can’t wait for the next BBQ and next year’s volunteer day.


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