TREND ALERT: Digital Prints

Here at TÉLIO, we like to call ourselves the print experts. We make them, we buy them, we sell them, we wear them, we love them!

Naturally, prints are a big percentage of our inventory. Every season, our selection of digital prints expands considerably. The clearer, more detailed and precise prints are in high demand, both on the runway and in stores.

People generally have a basic understanding of how digital printing works; it’s essentially a giant printer, in which the fabric passes through once to get printed, and then a second time to get dried and then immediately rolled. Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Bizarrely, most people are still in the dark when in comes to the usual screen printing techniques that have been used for centuries. The rotary and flat bed screen printing are still widely used today, because even though they’re more complicated, they’re still less expensive than a digital printing machine.

There are two ways of completing a screen print. The first way is the flat bed screen, in which large individual plaques are created for each colour that will be used in the print, the holes in these plaques let the dye in at the correct spots. The fabric goes through all these plaques one by one.

The second is the rotary print which involves large rolls acting as the plaques. The dye is inside the rolls and is applied to the fabric as it rolls through, each roll supplying a different colour as per the plaques. The repeat of the print cannot exceed the circumference of the rolls and each roll is perfectly timed to inject colour at the exact spot left over by the previous roll.

You can see examples of these two processes in this very detailed video, as well as the preparation of the textile before printing.

Here are some examples of the gorgeous digital prints in this season’s collection!

Digital Prints Spring/Summer 2015

(Top Row – Left to Right) Télio’s Kimono Knit style 36210 colour 03, Télio’s Silk Satin Print style 64013 colour 01. (Bottom Row – Left to Right) Télio’s Digital Garden Organza style 36459 colour 01, Télio’s Kimono Piqué style 36217 colour 01, Télio’s Digital Linen Print style 65201 colour 01.


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