INTERVIEWS: Designer Snapshot with Symbiose by Hinda

Today we are super excited to be kicking off a new series here on TEXTURES! We’re giving you a little glimpse into the designers behind TÉLIO’s fabrics. We will be interviewing designers from our Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver showrooms with a short 5 point questionnaire. We love being able to get to know the people behind the designs and see what is created with our fabrics! Kathya had a chance to sit down with Hinda, who was recently in our Montreal Showroom. In 2005 Hinda launched Symbiose, a blend of fine living, art and fashion.


Designer Snapshot with Hinda:

Symbiose by Hinda

  1. What is your Inspiration of the moment? Traditional costumes of my country, Tunisia.
  2. Describe TÉLIO in one word: Heaven (of textiles)
  3. What is the First thing you do in the morning? Look at the Sky
  4. Where is your favorite place to work? My workshop in the Mile End, Montreal.
  5. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Adventurous

Visit the Symbiose by Hinda website here to learn more!

Stay tuned for more Designer snapshots!


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