Style Secrets: A Nod to the 70s

One of my favorite eras for style is the 70s. Feminine, bohemian, natural… I’m so into it! Take a cue from the 70s, even in a small way, and you’ll radiate warmth and effortlessness.


Photo Credit: {left} Glamour UK August 2008, {right} via daily candy, {fabrics top to bottom} Vanessa Chiffon; Style 63078 Color 01, Floral Denim; Style 34658 Color 01, Silk Chiffon Print; Style 64092 Color 03

So whether you’re shopping for garments in stores, or wanting to sew up some of your own 70s influenced pieces, here are some tips that will help you achieve this look.

Look for maxi dresses or skirts, high waisted wide leg trousers, button up shirts, flowy shirtdresses, and loose fitting feminine blouses. Think style meets comfort! We don’t want anything too fitted or structured – women’s fashion in the 70s (or at least the part I’m in love with!) was all about casual yet feminine style.

Choose fabrics like chiffon, denim, suede, cotton shirting, or wool coating.


Photo Credit: {Row1} red blouse; Soho Blouse via Boden, Sutton Suede; Style 34557 Color 10, Vanessa Chiffon; Style 63077 Color 01 {Row 2} Silky Bloom Voile; Style; 34804 Color 12, floppy hat; via Milo and Mitzy, loose blouse; via change the air {Row 3} Ellen von Unwerth; via Give Me More Bananas, Silk Chiffon Print; Style 64090 Color 07, Twiggy Stripe; Style 34501 Color 04

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and textures or play with layering. Put on your favourite pair of vintage shades and a floppy hat and you’ll be set!

Have fun channeling your inner Farrah Fawcett and Joni Mitchell!


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