Sicily is one of Italy’s unique gems with its stunning views and enchanting landscapes. Being the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, this city attracts many tourists from all over Italy and around the world.

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Photo Credit: Montage by Kathya Beaulieu

In addition to its breathtaking beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, fascinating scenery, and stunning ancient Greek and Roman architecture, Sicily is also a very fashionable city. While cities like Milan (which hosts its own prestigious fashion week) are known to be Italy’s fashion capitals, Sicily fits right in, filled with beautiful design, art and fashion to discover. One of my favorite spots is the Palermo market! Named after its location, this colorful and noisy outdoor market blends beauty from the past with the present. You can bargain for antique and vintage clothes, fresh vegetables, fruit, breads, cheeses and fish. Rent a scooter to really discover this Sicilian open air street market!

“La Dolce Vita”- The Sweet Life- is not just a tagline from the 1960’s movie; it is an Italian way of life. Italy is the Promised Land for anyone with a big appetite and a refined palette. Well known by all the pastry lovers for its delicious desserts, you can indulge in delightful brioscia (gelato squeezed into two brioches), mpanatiggni (traditional cookie from Modica stuffed with a chocolate/almond paste), creamy cannolis, rainbow colored gelato and granita, crunchy pistachios and amazingly sweet dessert wines. It’s absolute heaven.

Aeolian Islands are seven islands all of volcanic origin. These natural beauties were listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites in 2000.  Home to amazing hiking or trekking locations, you can also enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot springs and soak up all the gorgeously diverse landscapes. One of the seven islands, Vulcano, is completely made up of solidified lava and contains several volcanic centers, including one of four active non-submarine volcanoes in Italy!  Although the last eruption occurred in 1890, the volcano on the island has never stopped giving proof of its vitality. You can spend an entire weekend of diving, exploring and photographing the amazing underwater archeology.

Volcanoes are always super impressive! When I was in Iceland I had the chance to climb one. On the east coast of Sicily is Etna, one of the most, active (and tallest) volcanoes  in the world. People are no longer allowed to climb the interior of this crater since it is active. This spectacular sacred mountain is even visible from the moon and is one of the prettiest destinations with a beautiful view of the sea perfect for all ski-lovers when the valleys are covered in snow.

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{Row 1} Girl on Scooter; The Sartorialist;Chiara Ferragni; Mia Fashion Scrapbook; Girl on Bicycle;The Trend Hunter, {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Paris Poplin; Style 35212, Colour 03, TÉLIO’s Anais Lace; Style 34765, Colour 03, Morocco Blues; Style 35220, Colour 01.

I am a real fan of the Italy’s most prominent fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad (middle look). These 3 outfits are a perfect example of “what to wear” while exploring this great city. Vespa or bicycle required!


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