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Gold Sequin Pants; Trend Survivor, Navy Blue Sequin Pants; Late Afternoon.

Put a bit of sparkle and glamour into your wardrobe or collection with a pair of sequin pants. They may have seemed like something that only the King of Pop could pull off but not anymore. So many flattering styles in both matte and shiny sequins; this item is wearable both throughout the work day to afterwards dancing the night away.


{Row 1} Jessica Hart wearing Isabel Marant Sequin Pants; Ms Issippi, Matte Black Sequin Pants; Nini Poppins, Seafoam Sequin Pants; Riches for Rags {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Jett Sequin Style 33709 Colour 01, TÉLIO’s Gemstone Sequin Style 32107 Colour 04, TÉLIO’s Riviera Sequin 34759 Colour 03.

Isabel Marant popularized sequin pants again in her H&M collection released this past November. They look quite effortless on model Jessica Hart (above left). This really made the idea of sequin pants more accessible. People aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and wear sequin pants when they look as nice as the ones above! TÉLIO’s Jett Sequin is a tie dye sequin that really mirrors the same effect as the Isabel Marant pants, a perfect fabric for this get the look! The middle sequin is TÉLIO’s Gemstone Sequin which has small matte sequins, probably the most convenient to make pants with and they give pants a more subtle, classy look like the ones above middle. Or for a real stand out piece, you could make sequin pants out of TÉLIO’s Riveria Sequin which is a beautiful bright sea foam colour with gold accents- a great way to introduce this look into the upcoming Spring season!

Want even more sequin options? Here are a few more that I love- I think the Velvet Metallic Sequins would make especially cool pants.


{Row 1} TÉLIO’s Velvet Metallic Sequin Style 33786 Colour 01, TÉLIO’s Amazon Sequin Style 33784 Colour 04 {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Surreal Sequin Style 34339 Colour 03, TÉLIO’s Wintor Sequin Style 32787 Colour 03.

Check out even more sequins available from TÉLIO here.


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