Trendy Tuesday: Café de Flore

Named after the sculpture of Flora, goddess of flowers and the season of spring, Café de Flore is one of Paris’ oldest and most prestigious coffee houses and is the perfect inspiration for this week’s Trendy Tuesday! Springtime brings people out of hibernation. The streets begin to fill up with familiar faces, the once abandoned terraces begin to overflow with lively people full of chatter and laughter. Creativity is sparked and one too many delicious café lattes are sipped while watching the people go by. Not to mention big bulky coats are shed and the most beautiful outfits are on display. Ah Paris in the springtime is definitely an inspiration.

trendy-tuesday-cafe-de-flore copy

From Left to Right {Row 1} Little Black Dress; Anne Street Studio, Window Sill; J.M Robinett Flickr, Pies; Tumblr {Row 2} Red Terrace; Kasey buick, Aerial View; Eddy Wichner Flickr, TÉLIO’s Bloom Sateen Print; Style 35242, Colour 01 {Row 3} Cafe Flore; A Style Virgin, Stripped Dress; The Non Traditionalist {Row 4} TÉLIO’s Ocean CDC, Style 35294, Colour 03, Coffee Cup; Rain on a Window Pane {Row 5} Confiserie; Dust Jacket Attic, Fiat; Nicole Franzen Flickr

Je vous souhaite un très beau mardi!

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday! 


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Fashion Tips: A Designer’s Guide to Using Neoprene (Scuba)

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GET THE LOOK: Isabel Marant Inspiration Print

Pssst! Exciting announcement:  We just found out that the Parisian designer, Isabel Marant X H&M is happening November 14, 2013!! Yay! These 2 TÉLIO fabrics are the perfect way to get the look! Photo Sources: Girls Walking; Bonafide Chain Blinger {Top} TÉLIO’s Canary crepe print, style 34019 color 01, {Bottom} Odessa twill print, style 34213 color 01

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