TRENDY TUESDAY: If You’re Wrinkled, You’re Rich!

I recently heard someone say ‘If you’re wrinkled, you’re rich.’ This quote was followed by a conversation about the general dislike of wrinkles in our garments. To most of us, wrinkles are often perceived as sloppy and lazy in appearance. The funny thing is; natural fibers tend to cost more than the synthetic ones which often do not wrinkle. Here at TÉLIO, we have a few items that are the best of both worlds. They are pre-wrinkled and synthetic which allows the creases to remain through wash and wear. You can also iron out some of the wrinkles if you want a softer crease. Here are some fabrics below to inspire your wrinkled, rich look. Enjoy!

wrinkled-rich READY TO POST

Image sources: {Row 1}  Wrinkled Dogs; Forskning & Framsteg, TÉLIO’s Vanessa Plisse Style 33126 col 07, Waves dessicate, {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Florence Knit Style 31074 col 06, Sweater; rhubarbinthegarden, Table Cloth; Hopscotch and Grace, {Row 3} Pinned Fabric; Edgy and Pop, Buttoned back dress; Hazel Brown, Scarves in hutch; rhubarbinthegarden, {Row 4} Sandles/Leggings; The Shiny Squirrel, TÉLIO’s London Crush 32644 col 10, Grey Button down shirt; prettyz.


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