Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Finalist & School Q&A: LaSalle College

I can hardly believe that this is already the last post presenting the 11 finalist Fashion Schools of this 10th edition of Canada’s Breakthrough Designers. Time is passing at the speed of light right now, and by tomorrow, we will officially be entering the 30 day countdown to the grand finale Fashion Show. Without further ado, here are the 5 finalists and the two Télio Competition coordinating teachers from LaSalle College.

3, 2, 1… Countdown!



Finalistes / Finalists

Steven Raj Bhaskaran:

What do you like best about designing clothes?
I love all aspects of designing clothing- it’s my favourite thing to do! Thank-you, LaSalle College for teaching me how to sew and do patterns. Thank-you, Télio for challenging me and encouraging me to reach higher. Through my participation in this competition, I have grown so much as a designer and I have enjoyed every moment of it. So to answer the question, what I like the best about designing clothes is the amount of fun you can have doing it!

Emma Litvack:

Describe the general process you go through to design and create a piece of clothing.
My path in creating a garment is long and arduous. I read articles, I study the behavior and reactions of those around me, and I look for ways to combine what is happening in my current environment with what is happening in the world. Trial and error has become the mainstay of my creative diet. I work by researching, sketching and feeling inspired by the elements around me (art, architecture, nature, people, etc), however, testing is crucial to my design process. I like to work directly with the materials from the beginning, then develop the garment through the things I learn while experimenting. With this, I am able to connect with my work, and know what to expect a result. A detailed design process allows for an easy conception.

Pantea Pezeshkan:

What do you think your greatest strength is in this competition?
I think my greatest strength in this competition was the vision I had for “who my muse is” and the focus I had to carry out that vision to the end. Due to her lifestyle, a contemporary woman wants comfort, wearability and flexibility from her look, while still being able to feel and look beautiful. Preferably, she wants to wear it from morning until evening in both work and leisurely environments. Three separate pieces allow her to mix and match to achieve the look she wants. She can dress it down by wearing it with pants, or dress it up with heels. I started my design by aiming for versatility and wearability. Sophistication and glamour through restraint in which less is always more was also my inspiration. I want to see the woman wearing my clothes feeling confident.

Mihoko Shono:

What is a typical day for you as a Fashion student participating in the Télio Design Competition?
On a typical day I would be making patterns, sewing, fitting prototypes and of course dealing with 1,000,000 unexpected issues. Luckily, when I encountered problems or needed advice, my teachers and fellow students were always there to help.

YuTing Wang:

As a Fashion Design Student, what is/are your biggest aspiration(s) in life?
My biggest aspiration as a fashion design student would be to become someone that is influential in this industry. I want my work to be a great source of inspiration for others and at the same time continue to influence me. I want to keep learning, growing and improving through my work and the work of those around me.

Représentants scolaires – School Representatives

Céline Chicoine : Professeure / Teacher

What motivates Lasalle College’s interest and loyalty towards Télio and its competition throughout all of these years?
We always appreciate an opportunity to challenge ourselves.

Milan Tanedjikov : Professeur / Teacher

What do you think distinguishes LaSalle College’s graduates? Why?
Broadly speaking, our finalists are known for their innovative use of materials, advanced knowledge of garment construction and progressive attitude towards new technology. However, it’s not all about hands-on work. Our students have a thorough understanding of fashion, its history, cultural significance and ethical dilemmas.


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