It’s official, it’s official! Today’s the day that we finally unveil our 2014 edition of Canada’s Breakthrough Designers, our nationwide fashion design competition! Being the coordinator of Canada’s Breakthrough Designers I am particularly excited to make this announcement. This is one of my fav moments of the competition year, where all our behind the scene brainstorming and organization is finally set free, and the real action begins!


Once the Montreal Fashion Week February finals are over, TÉLIO embarks in its top-secret competition planning phase where all our creative minds gather together and brainstorm for the following CBD edition. No time is lost; as soon as one edition is wrapped we are onto the next! It all begins with picking a theme and then elaborating the theme and its description. Then we select the TÉLIO fabrics to be showcased and once that’s done, Katelyn; our Graphic Designer creates the official poster (above) that will be distributed to the 23 Canadian fashion schools participating. During this time we are also very busy with clerical tasks such as writing and preparing documents and letters, as well as cutting the 530 fabric samples that will be sent to the schools! Yes, you saw right… 530 samples!

We truly hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are about this creative effervescence!

To know more about this year’s theme, how to participate, or even check out some behind the scene photos, tune in right here.

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