FASHION CULTURE: The Best of Japan!

Japan’s population is approximately 127 million. The country is covered in the most beautiful landscapes and has on of the most fascinating cultures.


Montage by Kathya Beaulieu

Famous for its temples and shrines, Japan has a colourful and rich heritage that can be discovered through its art, architecture, design, technology, festivals and traditions. The blending of the old with the new is one of Japan’s unique characteristics. You can enjoy and experience some the most futuristic and technologically advanced gadgets while standing in the middle of the Imperial Palace right in the center of Tokyo!

Japan is one of the top fashion capitals in the world. It is not only a great place to discover emerging trendy designers, but also to find bargains and quirky items. From Luxurious to bizarre, there is always something for everyone’s taste. The Japanese are pioneers of wildly innovative street styles and are followed closely by the trendy cities of the world.



Photo 1: Girl with New Balance sneakers; Blood Loss; Girl with violet coat; China SSPP; Girl with flowing skirt; Inkarlcerating. {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Morocco Blues; Style 34604 colour 01, TÉLIO’s Vivaldi Linen; Style 29192; Color 15, TÉLIO’s Onyx Ponte Stripes; Style 33890 colour 01

The Japanese are big consumers and creators in the comic book and animation industry. Japan is the birthplace of PlayStation, Nintendo and one of the most recognized mascots of the late 80’s; Mario Brothers. Hello Kitty is another emblematic figure of Japanese pop culture. Manga was developed in the late 19th century and is now read by people of all ages. You can find all genres: Action, adventure, romance, comedy, mystery, horror, fantasy, sexuality, business, and so on.  Filmmaker’s like Hayao Miyazaki(who won an Oscar for the best animated feature in 2003 for “Spirited Away”) created an international enthusiasm towards Manga around the world.

Another unique innovation in Japan was started in 2004, when the first Cat Café opened in Osaka. This curious attraction brought with it, many animal loving tourists and the industry started growing immediately. Cat Café (and its neighbour; Rabbit Café) are places where you can bring your pet with you, while enjoying a cup of coffee and socializing with others. There are already 39 Cat Cafes in Tokyo alone! A lot of other cities such as London, Paris and Budapest jumped onto this trend as well in 2013.

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