TÉLIO TALK: Behind the Scenes of Canada’s Breakthrough Designers 2014 Launch

Hopefully you all saw our post on Monday about the launch of this year’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers! We included a picture of the poster I created for this year’s theme, Textures. I thought it might be fun to share the process that went into making this poster!

Our 2014 theme, Textures (conveniently the same name as our blog) needed to be portrayed in the poster so after a lot of brainstorming and external inspiration, I decided to photograph texture and use that as our background. So away I went!

making of-poster1

I used old distressed wood which I painted white (fitting perfectly with our neutral colour palette of whites and ivory’s contrasted against greys and rich blacks). After that I created the title artwork and traced this onto the board so I could paint it black to match the palette.

making of-poster2

A few hours of painting ensued and I was so happy with the outcome! (Yes I had to paint it twice, once in French and once in English). We took many process photos which were very useful for our website imagery, followed by photos of the final painted poster itself to use as the background image.

Lastly, I added the more detailed text using Photoshop and sent it to print!

making of-poster3

If you attend one of the participating post-secondary schools, keep a look out for these posters around your halls! I had a lot of fun straying from the typical computer graphic work I usually do to using my hands and creating a physical piece of signage.  Even better, now we have a cool graphic piece for our office as well!

To learn more about TÉLIO’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers, click here.


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