Fashion Tips: 5 Ways to Incorporate Faux Leather into your Fall Wardrobe!

Faux Leather has been on the runway for years and we have been seeing a lot of it this season, but it is no longer just a “cool-kid” statement from the 90’s. Leather is now worn in many ways, and can go from high-end to street wear; it all depends on how you pull it off. Nowadays, everyone is wearing faux leather as their second skin.

SECOND SKIN Fashion tips

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If you are not sure how to add leather into your style this fall, here are 5 great fashion tips to help you out!

1. Wear a pair of sleek faux leather leggings or skinny pants. Adding a cozy jumper sweater will bring a layer of texture and comfort to your outfit.
2. Wear faux leather to work in the form of a pencil skirt, accompanied by a basic V-neck t-shirt with the sleeves rolled-up.
3. Do as Lana Del Rey does and add a faux leather collar and/or cuff to a crisp white blouse, for a punchy twist to a classic outfit. Check out our awesome DIY on detachable collars to make your own!


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4. Don’t forget, wearing it in the form of accents such as clutches, belts, headbands and of course boots (check out the celebs below) is the perfect way to add faux leather to your look.
5. Wear it in the form of insertions on jackets, tops or even dresses. Remember Caroline’s DIY showing us how to change out the sleeves of your favorite jacket to faux leather? Perfect!


Photo Sources: Miley Cyrus; The Grande Cyrus; Lana del Rey; Lana del Rey; Miranda Kerr; Style Bistro

If you like faux leather then you will LOVE laser-cut faux leather as much as we do here at TÉLIO! It really adds a very modern and textured feel to your look and we have some great styles this year! How amazing is this scarf from & Others Stories?


Here are some of my favorite TÉLIO faux-leather styles below, and check out this great wishlist of all our faux leather options!

SECOND SKIN2 fashion tips

TÉLIO Fabrics {Row 1}: Siera Cutout; style 34324 Color 02, Perfecto Leather; Style 33836 Color 07 {Row 2} Raw Hide; Style 34511 Color 05, Maverick; Style 34512 Color 02.

Don’t be afraid to bring some faux leather into your closet and tell us how you will be wearing it this season.

We want to hear from you!


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