Interview with Lolitta Dandoy, TÉLIO Competition Jury Member 2014

Introducing our second TÉLIO Competition jury member, Lolitta Dandoy.

Lolitta is a prominent Montreal based fashion blogger! If you don’t know her by now, today is the perfect opportunity to get to know her and start following her. She is a huge part of the blogging scene and is virtually everywhere in Montreal!


We asked, they answered: Quick questions to learn a little bit more about Lolitta!

    1. Black or colour? COLOUR
    2. Song/album/artist on repeat at the moment? Rhye (album: Woman)
    3. Country or city? Montreal
    4. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Happy
    5. What brought you to fashion? My passion for people, cultures, history and  everything beautiful!
    6. A dream you would like to achieve? Hosting my own fashion tv show.
    7. Describe your personal style? Eclectic, colourful and feminine.
    8. Motto you live by? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Stay tuned for Monday’s interview with Dominique Lemieux!


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