Each Season us girls in the merchandising department at TÉLIO consult colour forecasts when buying a collection so we know what to expect for the upcoming season. These trends are a forecast of what is to come based on the colour direction of past seasons and hints at new trendy colours for the upcoming one!

We then create our own colour trends working with a palette that pertains more closely to TÉLIO’s market (because not all trendy colours are best-selling colours). We work with these colour palettes when creating a colour story for a fabric or when choosing new colours to add to a currently running basic.

These colour trends are also a coveted item to give to our reps as a selling tool and as inspiration for our customers. Here is a condensed version of the 4 colour palettes we are working with this Fall/Winter 2014-2015 season.

Regal Sentiment


Collage by Katelyn Bishop: Floral Textile Design; The Spring Shop, Colourful mirror image; Frontier, Hyatt Moore Painting, Flamenco Dancers; Hyatt Moore, Libertine Jacket and Jumper; Style.com, Nathaniel Goldberg Photograph, One night in Bangkok; mode.newslicious, Bekah Jenkins for Fashion Magazine; Fashion Gone Rogue.

Peaceful Dawn


Collage by Katelyn Bishop: Sharon Stone Photoshoot by Firooz Zahedi; Celebpics, Stephen Hannock Trees Painting; John Berggruen Gallery, Celine Cream Coat; Style.com, Jennifer Bain Mixed Media Illustration; Skidmore Contemporary Art, Tapestry; Half Pudding Half Sauce, Jeremy Laing Coat; Style.com, Carven Pink Coat; Style.com.

As you can see there is a large range of colours as every season should have a combination of neutrals, darks, pastels, rich tones and of course a bright pop of the latest fashion colours.

Moody Nature


Collage by Katelyn Bishop: Photograph Mirror Image of Trees; Ralph Pucci, Girl with Feathers Photograph by Helen Warner; Helen Warner Photography, Jessie Hands, Central Saint Martins Designer; Freshnet, Prada Dress; Style.com, Roses Photograph by Helen Warner; Helen Warner Photography, White Windows from a photograph by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar; The Fashion Spot, Sophia Calle ‘The Detective’; Iniva, Painting of Girl by Juliana Romano; Juliana Romano.

Electric Shock


Collage by Katelyn Bishop: Miles Aldrige Beauty Mirror Photograph; Pouepees de chiffons, Francoise Nielly Painting; Francoise Nielly, Garth Britzman recycled water bottle sculpture; My Modern Met, Goldfish; This is colossal, Roy Lichenstein POP; Taringa, Tom Ford Sequin Jacket and Pants; Style.com, Tibi neoprene outfit; Style.com.

Hopefully these colour palettes can inspire you for the Fall 2014/2015 season whether you are a designer, retail shop, manufacturer, personal sewer, or just fashion and fabric lover!


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