TÉLIO TALK: Donating Fabric Samples to Urban Source

Here at Télio we have a dedicated team in our sample room that prepares hundreds of fabric hangers and samples daily. These are essential for our business – this is how we showcase and sell our gorgeous fabrics! But I get one question over and over again: What do we do with these fabric samples once the fabrics are discontinued and sold out?
The fashion industry is a well-oiled machine. The gears keep turning and our fabric stock comes and goes, so we are left with tons and tons of fabric samples at the end of the season, with no home to speak of! We can’t bear the idea of dumping them in a landfill.
In the past, here at the Vancouver showroom, I have donated them to local fashion schools for textile classes or student projects. We have also had various charity organizations take them off our hands and recycle them to make blankets or patchwork clothing for those in need.

Similarly, in Toronto, Jessica donates her samples to schools and textile artists. She also donates fabric scraps to the Humane Society – where some of our fabrics are even made into plush toys for the animals. Awesome, right?

We have now discovered a new organization to donate our fabric scraps to in Vancouver: Urban Source! Here is a bit about their company in their own words:
“Urban Source has been Vancouver’s number one choice for alternative art materials for over 15 years. We collect from over 100 different local industries, diverting safe, useable off-cuts, discards, misprints and over-stock from the land fill. Materials are then sorted, organized and prepared for the store. Most importantly, we come up with a variety of innovative uses for everything we collect.”


I was lucky enough to visit their store recently, and what a treat it is! Filled with gorgeous art and crafting supplies, it’s truly a great source for the creative community in Vancouver. Our fabric scraps will find a home in their bulk bins, where you can fill a paper bag with fabrics for a set price. It’s a steal!


We are thrilled to be able to donate our fabrics to such a worthy cause, and it’s heartwarming knowing they will find a great home for our beloved textiles. Be sure to visit their shop if you are ever in Vancouver.


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