On the surface, Lasalle College’s Soirée Mode is a blank canvas. Their teaser video portrays just that; a white bubble television turned to a static channel, with snippets introduced by 4 different hashtags- #HYSTERIA, #BRKLYNSBADDST, #DUPLICATA, and #PLUR. Four different realities, two shows, one integrated event.



This ambiguity, however, is completely intentional. The Fashion Presentation program in Fashion Marketing at Lasalle College requires all students in their 3rd semester to organize a fashion event, from start to finish, implementing theory learnt in class in order to actualize their knowledge. For the first time, however, Soirée Mode will be a collaborative effort between classes, sure to leave its legacy. Students were asked to come up with 4 different themes to be presented consecutively for the event. Each respective group comprises subgroups to assure that all aspects, from A-Z, of the show are well thought-out, planned, and implemented. With the coordinator, budget, model, wardrobe, stylist, audio visual, and communications teams working together, each group will actualize their theme to its full potential. The varying themes are intended to contradict and clash with one another, sure to entice audiences and continuously pique their interests. The enigmatic and obscure thematic of Soirée Mode as a whole perfectly mixes these four themes by simply not mixing them at all, and leaving the real colour up to our imaginations.

So what kind of exciting themes have the students put together? Yesterday, I had the chance to sneak into their fitting session, one week before the big event, and catch up with several team members from each theme. One thing is for sure- these students are working hard and happy to be doing it.




You’re invited to a throwback street party! One of #BRKLYNSBADDST’s coordinators, Polina, described the theme in one word; “fun”.  Expect a mix of grunge, 90s streetwear, and old-school styles, reminiscent of the streets of Brooklyn, where the baddest of the bad come to play. Materials from lightweight sheers, to heavier knits, furs, leathers, and jeans will be showcased; and don’t forget the studs. Pieces from designers such as Simon Chang, GAP and Naked and Famous, along with old vintage Moschino, Chanel and Céline gems will dominate the #BRKLYNSBADDST stage. Set to an upbeat mix of R&B and hip-hop, this show will probably have you moving in your seat. The team has also promised a couple of surprises for the audience, but we’ve decided to keep them hush-hush. Let’s just say that we’re looking very forward this presentation.




A world dominated by technology, where humans are controlled by their surroundings. All clones of one another and without a voice, the human race has finally succumbed to the power and dominance of automation. Sounds scary, but not too far off, right? #DUPLICATA gives a glimpse into this frightening reality, utilizing wigs, makeup, and fashion wear to manipulate gender distinction (or any distinction, for that manner) in a structured and disciplined environment. Fédérick, one of #DUPLICATA’s coordinators, showed me several of the materials, which range from cottons and neoprenes, to stiff meshs and plastics, intended to evoke an essence of discomfort. Designers such as Pedram Karimi and Matu will have their pieces showcased to a technological and rhythmless score.  Cold, distressing, and dispassionate.




Mental health is nothing to take lightly, and recently we have been seeing a surge in awareness surrounding this very real human struggle. William from the coordinator team, and Bri from audio-visual described the theme as a glimpse into the daily hysteria and struggles that many face in their everyday lives. An ode to the power of the human psyche, #HYSTERIA aims to explore where the delirium stems from, and the restrictions it imposes. In discussing the inspiration behind such a heavy theme, William and Bri both acknowledged the indiscriminate reality of mental illness, stating that the theme is more relevant than ever, and is a topic which deserves further discussion and awareness. Organic materials from linens, wools, and leathers, in nude, white, grey, and black colour palettes will depict a natural and insidious progression towards a hysterical state. This transition will be strengthened by the subtly chaotic score, intended to provoke the audience in an understated manner. Look forward to designers such as Pedram Karini, Bianca Charneau, and Brit Wacher.




Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect are the building blocks for #PLUR.  A blend of 1990s-2000s throwbacks from the beginnings of the internet to bad Photoshop (and paint!), this theme will deliver a surrealist fashion experience to awaken the kid inside all of us. Bred from a geeky cyberspace reality reminiscent of Second Life, be prepared for lively fluorescents, platform sneakers, unicorns, and rainbows. Coordinators Roxanne and Fabrice, styling director, Jihad, and stylist, Ahmed, consistently referenced the “Seapunk” movement as heavily influencing this theme. Seapunk can be described as a subculture which was founded on Tumblr with unique cultural interests influenced by the nostalgia of the 1990s and 2000s. Think Yin Yangs, smiley faces, and neon-brights! In fact, the #PLUR team met up with several Seapunk enthusiasts to make sure that their styling paid proper homage to the movement.  Designers such as Ben Lafaille, V-Franz, and American Apparel will be on display. Electronic music with digitally manipulated vocals and gamer sounds (think lasers) will fill the room as you’re transported back to a time when Spice Girls, Fun-Dips, and Neopets were where it was at.

Soirée Mode will be taking place next Thursday, November 13th,  Lasalle College in Montreal. Make sure to check out the respective blogs for #BRKLYNSBADDST, #DUPLICATA, #HYSTERIA and #PLUR for more information on each theme! We hope to see you there; this event is not to be missed!


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