TREND ALERT: Denim Denim Denim

If you’re a denim aficionado (we’re looking at you Rihanna) you find yourself struggling every morning wondering which piece of denim you’re going to wear, because we’ve all got that little voice inside our heads saying ”Oh no! You can’t wear two different kinds of denim in one outfit!”

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s about time you hit the mute button on that voice and go denim crazy!

As you’ve probably seen all over the internet and the fashion magazines, denim is back in a big way in 2015, and not jut one kind of denim, ALL KINDS! Stonewashed, acid washed, dark denim, white denim, black, grey denim & most importantly, textured denim!

All those procedures from the 1980s we’ve been having nightmares about are back! The patchwork, the flower embroidery, the tie-dyes, sequin appliqués, rips, the exaggerated proportions, the fluorescent colour palettes and good old imitation denim. It’s funny how that works, how our tastes change once something comes back in style. How we’re regretting throwing away those embroidered bell bottoms from our high school years. Damn that spring cleaning tradition!

Télio is on the denim bandwagon as well, we’ve got some very interesting denim fabrics this season, like the Tencel Jacquard, style 36291 (pictured below), a mix of cotton and tencel that creates a very light weight and thin fabric. Its semi-camo print is also very trendy at the moment. It would look amazing paired with a hot stonewashed denim crop jacket.

Denim is that one textile that is always there, that classic that never goes out of style. As soon as you get rid of a piece of denim from your closet, it’s bound to come back and be trendy the following season. So keep EVERYTHING!


(Left Row – Top to Bottom) Image 01, Image 02, Image 03. (Right Row – Top to Bottom) Image 01, Télio’s Tencel Jacquard, Style 36291, Color 01, Image 03, Image 04.


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