New shades of blue are a rare thing to come by, every possible hue has been explored many times before. That being said, when certain blues we haven’t seen in a while make a comeback, we’re all for it.

The more blues the better!

Next season, we’ll be seeing the return of Marina Blue.

Colour Crush Marine Blue

Credits: (Top Row) Olisa, i-D, Kicksaholic (Middle Row) joscarx/tumblr, Télio (Bottom Row) koreanmodel/tumblr, Bio Victory, Pop Bytes

This particular tint of blue is very cool, soft and exquisitely contemporary. It’s perfect for a variety of different garments, whether they’re casual or formal, but it’s even more fun as a statement accessory colour!

As you can imagine, we’re well prepared for the Marina Blue takeover here at Télio, we have a variety of fabrics of the shade or incorporating the colour. Our Rayon Voile Print, Miami Denim and Mesh for instance, as seen below.


Credits: Télio

We want it to be Spring already so we can wear this colour (truth be told, we’ll totally start wearing it right away). Are you going to be rocking some marina blue as well? Let us know!

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INSPIRATION: Pantone's Colours of the Year!

Here at Télio, since we work in the fashion/textile industry, we anxiously await the announcement of Pantone‘s colour of the year, every year. It can confirm or confuse our choices for the coming year, as well as inspire us to create prints based on the trendy colour. For the first time ever, Pantone’s colour of […]

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TREND ALERT: Blanket Capes

If you’ve been inside a clothing store this season you’ve undoubtedly seen this season’s biggest trend; the blanket cape! Yes, we’re aware it’s just a fancy industry name for a poncho, but we’re all over it, and technically, the blanket cape is worn a little longer than the regular, traditional fringy poncho that was all […]

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Have you ever had that moment where you see a piece of clothing and you know that you will never get over it. We say ”never get over it” because buying said piece is totally out of the question, but it simply will never leave our thoughts for as long as we live. Has that […]

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MOOD: Motivational Fall Fabrics

We know that fall can sometimes be depressing. It means the end of summer, it means colder weather, it means less sunlight, it means the holiday shopping season is coming. Here at Télio, instead of feeling blue, we embrace the season! We do so by wearing a lot of October’s unofficial colour, Orange! Orange, like […]

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TREND ALERT: Digital Prints

Here at TÉLIO, we like to call ourselves the print experts. We make them, we buy them, we sell them, we wear them, we love them! Naturally, prints are a big percentage of our inventory. Every season, our selection of digital prints expands considerably. The clearer, more detailed and precise prints are in high demand, […]

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Next up on the colour crush posts is Celadon. Celadon you say? Are you crazy? We know……we know that this is definitely not one of those typical go to fashion colours. It is usually seen in bridal colour stories, around the house for decorating, and the most familiar of its uses is in Chinese ceramics. […]

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TREND ALERT: Denim Denim Denim

If you’re a denim aficionado (we’re looking at you Rihanna) you find yourself struggling every morning wondering which piece of denim you’re going to wear, because we’ve all got that little voice inside our heads saying ”Oh no! You can’t wear two different kinds of denim in one outfit!” Well, we’re here to tell you […]

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Each Season us girls in the merchandising department at TÉLIO consult colour forecasts when buying a collection so we know what to expect for the upcoming season. These trends are a forecast of what is to come; hinting at the new fashion colours you can expect to see popping up in stores next Fall Winter! […]

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INSPIRED BY: Spring Colour

TÉLIO is inspired by Spring Summer 2014 colours.  Currently creating new colour stories for our basic and novelty fabrics!Images: {row 1} Girl wearing sunglasses, Riches For Rags, TÉLIO colour threads, {row 2} TÉLIO trends board, Atlas book cover, Design Work Life.

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