Interview with Dominique Lemieux, TÉLIO Competition Jury Member 2014

As promised, here is our third TÉLIO Competition jury member, Dominique Lemieux.

Dominique is a renowned Montreal based costume creator, whose work includes a long time association with non-other than the Cirque du Soleil. Check out her website, her work is nothing short of stunning!


We asked, they answered: Quick questions to learn a little bit more about Dominique! 

  1. Favorite texture? Silk Jersey
  2. Inspiration of the moment? The sun rising at dawn with the peaceful harmonies of nature.
  3. First thing you do in the morning? I meditate
  4. What fuels your creativity? I am driven by the joy of being alive
  5. Favorite place to work? Montréal
  6. Artist on repeat? Henri Salvador
  7. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Visionary. I make my dreams a reality.
  8. What’s a typical day for you? A typical day for me includes meditating, creating, organizing and having fun.
  9. What is your main motivation when doing what you do? Working towards a better world
  10. A dream you would like to achieve? Create a show that has beauty,harmony and balance and brings happiness to the audience.
  11. Name a writer that inspires you? Native American author, Dhyani Ywahoo
  12. Designer(s) you would love to meet? Jean-Paul Gaultier
  13. Motto you live by? Love every minute of your life, you will grow with each experience. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s interview with James Mendolia!


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