Behind the Scenes with Canada’s Breakthrough Designers; TÉLIO Activities

As you might know by now (after reading this year’s Competition Blog posts), TÉLIO keeps its finalists very busy, from the moment they find out they are among the 25 to showcase their garments at our grand finale Fashion Show, to the moment they are on the plane/train/bus back home (finalists come from all corners of Canada!) the day after the Montréal Fashion Show.

As the jury was deliberating last February 24, all the finalists and their directors were on their way to Montreal to kick start the TÉLIO finals! That evening, everyone was invited to a welcome dinner at Weinstein & Gavino’s hosted by the Montreal Fashion Bureau: this included our invaluable partners, the jury members, and of course, the finalists and school directors. It was a blast to get to meet everyone! It’s always a highlight of the competition.


Photo credit: Ina Taub, Jahmin Lee

The next morning, on Wednesday February 25, a bus awaited all the finalists and school directors at the Loews Vogue Hotel, where they stayed during the TÉLIO finals, in order to head off to the first activity of the busy day ahead: a privileged guided tour of the Joseph Ribkoff Inc. Headquarters.

Joseph Ribkoff welcomed us warmly and had such an amazing tour planned out for us! Thank you!


Photo credit: Joseph Ribkoff Inc.


J.Ribkoff2 visit copy

Photo credit: Joseph Ribkoff Inc.

After the Ribkoff tour, we all hopped back on the bus to head off to the TÉLIO Headquarters where another tour awaited the finalists and school directors. A catered lunch from Avocado Traiteur was the perfect snack to keep everyone going until the evening’s big event.

Also on the agenda was a truly inspiring presentation from none other than James Mendolia, Director of Fashion Marketing at Parsons The New School for Design. For 60 quick minutes, the audience was captivated by all of James’ wise and inspiring words.

TELIO3photos copy

Photo credit: Katelyn Bishop From top left to bottom right: James Mendolia presentation; TÉLIO fabrics; Équipement Delisle prizes; Stephan Delisle, President of Équipement Delisle with the 3 winners.

Huge thanks to Stephan Delisle from Équipement Delisle for the amazing prizes that were awarded to 3 lucky finalists. As you can see in the above photo montage, a Juki industrial plain sewing machine equipped with its own table and lamp, plus two semi industrial irons, were graciously donated for our finalists!

Everyone then left the TÉLIO Headquarters to head back on the bus for a two hour guided tour of Montreal, graciously offered by Tourism Montreal.

Next stop; D Moment, the official host event of our grand finale Fashion Show. The finalists and school directors had the chance to visit the back scenes of this organization and were also invited to attend Marilyn Baril’s Fashion Show, a 2010 TÉLIO finalist.

And what do you know, at 7:30 pm the time had finally arrived to take place and enjoy the 2014 TÉLIO Fashion Show! And what a show it was!

After a roller coaster of emotions, it was time to enjoy the closing cocktail where we had the cutest (and best!) mini-cupcakes from Bar à beurre and the perfect amount of wine from Barefoot wine. This is where we all get to mingle for the last time… as the TÉLIO finals come to an end.

We thank all the loyal schools and the talented students who participate in our Canada wide event. It is a true pleasure getting to finally meet you come our February finals!

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