44566 Bubble Shine Prt-Rust (02)
44515 Kylie Knit-Mustard (09)
44194 Metallic Knit-Copper (12)
44194 Metallic Knit-Blush (08)
44126 Nyla Sequin-Gold/Black (07)
43501 Hendrick Wool-Beige (08)
43048 Soirée Satin-Cinnamon (10)
39859 Splendid Knit-Rich Cocoa (18)
68003 Roma Stretch Linen-Espresso (20)
28514 Lana Bollito-Cashew (62)

Featured Fabrics:

Metallic Knit

Metallic Knit Foil is a blend of polyester and spandex yarn. This fabric is coated with metallic film and has a generous stretch.  It’s gorgeous shimmering surface makes it perfect for a wide variety of uses from clothing, costumes, to party decor, and more.

Modal Sandwash

A beautifully fluid sandwashed plain weave modal/poly blend. This non-stretch drapey fabric has a super soft, suede-like hand feel and matt finish. Great for a wide variety of projects, but especially good for soft tailoring pieces like blouses, dresses, and occasion wear.

Bubble Satin

Bubble Satin is a lightweight woven fabric created by the raised surface effect that resembles tiny bubbles. Because of its subtle shine, this fabric pairs nicely with vivid colors and prints. Bubble Satin creates a soft and easy drape that makes it ideal for evening wear, fitted dressed and skirts.