44527 Picasso Poplin Prt-White/Green (01)
44233 Cotton Denim 9.5 oz-Blue (01)
44229 Cotton Denim 6.5 oz-Blue Floral (01)
44093 Carlie Stripe-Off White/Pink (01)
44091 Sutton Stripe II-Cream / White (06)
44036 Bubble Shine Prt-Aqua Multi (01)
43072 Picasso Poplin-Cyan Blue (33)
43072 Picasso Poplin-Olive (11)
72028 Sally Eyelet-WHITE (01)
40451 Perla Knit-Chartreuse (29)
67024 Parker II-Garnet Stone (101)
21012 PORTOFINO 3-PUNCH (17)

Cotton Denim has an iconic twill structure known for its distinct blue colour and ruggedness to withstand daily wear and tear. Denim is extremely versatile and commonly used for relaxed and casual clothing, jeans, shirts and jackets.

Eyelet also known as broderie anglaise is characterized by patterns composed of round or oval holes which are cut out of the fabric, then bound with overcast stitches. The most used patterns are flowers, leaves, vines, or stems. Eyelets are usually produced with cotton or cotton blends fabrics and are ideal for sewing for blouses, dresses & children’s clothing.

Rayon Poplin is lightweight, smooth, breathable, and opaque with a matte texture and fluid drape. This fabric holds its shape well, making it wrinkle resistant and ideal for dresses, tops, and flowy skirts.