44221 Arles Jacquard-Burgundy (09)
44116 Majestic Satin-Raspberry (20)
44071 Gleam Jacquard-Beige/ Pearl Ivory (02)

Featured Fabrics:

Majestic Satin

Our lightweight polyester satin is a luxurious, glossy, and silky fabric. It provides a lot of fluidity for beautiful draping. This satin is double faced, meaning both sides are shiny. This is the ideal fabric for bridal, special occasion, and elegant home décor accessories.

Arles Jacquard

Jacquard is a polyester fabric that has a design or motif woven into the construction of the fabric. This floral jacquard is silky soft, very fluid and is suitable for bridal apparel, special occasion wear, blouses, elevated daywear, and home décor.

Satin Yoryu

Our Satin Yoryu is a lightweight, shiny, silky hand-feel fabric with a slightly crinkled texture that adds visual interest and dimension to garments. Its fluid drape makes it ideal for both fashionable day wear and formal wear. It is also suited for home décor accessories.