44647 Blossom Crush Print-Navy (04)
44634 Shimmer Lace-Silver (07)
44562 Stone Mesh-Black (02)
44510 Digital Dazzling Mesh-Ivory Multi (01)
44227 Radiant Organza-Navy (04)
43593 Satin Yoryu-Begonia (17)
39354 Damask-Shadow (98)
35381 Zoey Chiffon-Soft Lime (93)
23599 ROSELYN SATIN-Blue Slate (141)

Featured Fabrics:

Stone Mesh

Our stone mesh fabric has faux crystals embedded on a stretchy mesh base for a dramatic flair. It is soft, drapes beautifully and is perfect for sheer tops and dresses with added sparkle.

Satin Yoryu

Our Satin Yoryu is a lightweight, shiny, silky hand-feel fabric with a slightly crinkled texture that adds visual interest and dimension to garments. Its fluid drape makes it ideal for both fashionable day wear and formal wear.

Shimmer Lace

Our exquisite cotton/nylon Shimmer lace is elevated with a foil like finish for added shine. Perfect for crafting dressed-up pieces, evening wear or trendy casual items, you will make a statement with this superb fabric.