Welcome to TEXTURES!

Photo Credit: Chloe Caravelas

Photo Credit: Chloe Caravelas

Welcome to TEXTURES, TÉLIO’s new blog! Thank you for stopping by.

Here on the blog, we will be bringing you daily posts, showing off our fabulous fabrics through trend inspirations, mood boards and creative DIY’s. We will also be posting about fabric inspired by food and food inspired by fabric. Not to mention, glamorous events will be documented, interviews will be held and articles will be written! We are overjoyed to finally launch this project!

TEXTURES has been designed as a creative platform, a blank canvas for our inspirations, passions and ideas to be set forth and shared with all of you; our customers, our future customers, and our admirers alike. We are a team of hard working TÉLIO employees dedicating our time and creativity to this extension of TÉLIO.

TÉLIO is comprised of two distinct divisions: Fashion Fabrics and Interior Furnishings. TEXTURES is directly associated to the Fashion Fabrics division. Founded over 60 years ago by Joseph Télio, father of the current owners André and Raymond Télio. The company has remained true to its mission statement: to offer designers, manufacturers and retailers an original product with superior quality, tailored to their specific needs. TÉLIO is now at the forefront in textile distribution worldwide. TÉLIO continues to strive to be the best in the industry and to grow with the changing times! This blog is just another statement of that growth.

So, sit back with a nice cup of coffee, or my personal favorite a cup of tea and enjoy what TÉLIO’s creative team has to offer every morning! Get to know us all here!

Please feel free to share Textures with all your friends, family and customers! Don’t forget to like, comment and re-blog everything that inspires you! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram (teliofashion) and get to know us more on our website!


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