Happy Thanksgiving: 10 Ways to be More Grateful

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our American customers and followers a happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you are all either on your way to be with your loved ones, or already with them for this special holiday. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a moment and think about all that we are grateful for! It’s so easy to get caught up in our own busy lives, but it’s never to late to start spending a little more time thinking about the people around us, or about what we are thankful for in our lives. However little it may be, doing something for someone else ends up making us feel good in return and while Thanksgiving is a great reason to begin, it isn’t the only time we should show our gratitude. Here are 10 easy ways to be more grateful everyday, starting today!


{Left Row – Top to Bottom} Weave, Cooking, Wrapped Blooms {Right Row – Top to Bottom} Give thanks, Letters, Coffee, Care Package

1. Bake someone a batch of their favourite cookies.
2. Write a handwritten thank you note and send it using old fashioned snail mail.
3. Volunteer somewhere meaningful to you.
4. Send a care package to a loved one who lives far away.
5. Give up your seat on the bus or subway to someone.
6. Wrap grocery store blooms in pretty paper and give them to a friend.
7. Pay it forward by buying the person behind you in line a cup of coffee.
8. Make something with your own hands and give it to someone you care about.
9. Cook a homemade meal for someone you care about.
10. Make a list of everything you are grateful for this year

What are some ways your like to show your gratitude to others or yourself?


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INSPIRED BY: TÉLIO’s Morocco Blues Prints

Once a season, TÉLIO attends The Source, an international textiles expo in Las Vegas! We gave you a sneak peek of the display in last week’s post on the expo. Our display for this season was completely inspired by our series of Morocco Blues cotton poplin prints. We entitles these prints Morocco Blues because of […]

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INSPIRED BY: Spring/Summer 2015 Colour Preview

We are working full force on our Spring Summer 2015 collection at TÉLIO. Refreshing our basic programs with bursts of spring colour is always a nice escape from the frigid temperatures outside. We start getting excited for spring much earlier than we should (since unfortunately we still have months to go!). Here’s a quick preview […]

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You may have noticed we are really prepping for the holidays here at TÉLIO! Our DIY advent calendar has been a great success so far – and stay tuned for even more holiday DIYs coming soon! This week we’ve really had fun decorating the office, wrapping presents for our reception, hanging wreaths & decorating our […]

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FASHION CULTURE: The Best of Denmark.

Denmark is often cited as one of the world’s best countries to live in. This small country of about 5.5 million inhabitants has been making international headlines on a regular basis. Danes are apparently amongst some of the happiest people in the world and both their lifestyles and culture are known to be very rich […]

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INSPIRED BY: Choosing Fabric (and lots of it!) for FW 14/15

We are busy completing TÉLIO’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection! And by busy I mean BUSY! Sorting through many samples selected from suppliers at tradeshows, choosing colours (do we go basic? or fashion colours?) and placing bets on which items are going to be the winning fabrics for the upcoming season! It’s a tough job but somebody’s […]

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From festivals, and street art, to tam tams, beautiful scenery, and great food, Montréal has so much to offer! Being in a new city is so inspiring and interning at TÉLIO while discovering every new inch of it, has given me the opportunity to explore my creative side! I now feel very inspired to design my final collection! From the top: {Image 1} Statue […]

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INSPIRED BY: Fresh Fashion

TÉLIO is inspired by fresh fashion trends! Each season we provide our sales and showroom representatives with a group of trend directions that combine images of runway fashion, street style and accessories with TÉLIO Styles to demonstrate how our fabrics are at the cutting edge of fashion! {Row 1} Fashion Magazines at the TÉLIO merchandising […]

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INSPIRED BY: Spring Colour

TÉLIO is inspired by Spring Summer 2014 colours.  Currently creating new colour stories for our basic and novelty fabrics!Images: {row 1} Girl wearing sunglasses, Riches For Rags, TÉLIO colour threads, {row 2} TÉLIO trends board, Atlas book cover, Design Work Life.

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