GUEST BLOGGER HOME STYLE TIPS: Finding the Essence of a Room

Decorating an empty room can be fun and exciting or it can become a total chore. Finding a balance between form and function as well as determining any sort of theme the room will take on are all important tasks involved in designing a gorgeous space. There are five simple questions that when answered, will allow anyone to decorate any room in a functional and unique style. Finding the essence of a room is the key to making it beautiful.

What qualities does the room already possess?

Is the space already painted a gorgeous color? Is there a good amount of light and airflow? Is there a gorgeous view? All of these questions are instrumental to the design process. Light and bright rooms can tolerate a lot more somber and neutral color schemes than shady rooms. While darker spaces may need a good deal of color to ensure that they are not too moody at certain times of day. Additionally, the amount of natural light will indicate how much external lighting or mounted fixtures will be required.


Credit: Design Rulz

What qualities would the room ideally have once completed?

This is all a matter of personal appeal. If the room is meant to be used as a work space, function is key. Everything must be organized in such a way to increase efficiency, while simultaneously being interesting enough to be inspiring and to prevent the space from seeming too much like a cubicle.

If the space is meant for entertaining, it should be inviting as well have several eye catching and statement pieces that would inspire conversation. Additionally, rooms for entertaining should always have adequate seating and a space for an entertainment system, even if it is just a place to sit a stereo system or record player.

How much time, effort, and money can you devote to the space?

A good decorator comes up with a budget, but also leaves a little wiggle room for staples that the room cannot do without. Those with busy schedules should always be on the lookout for great pieces, but avoid impulse buying. When it comes to furniture, a better deal is usually just around the corner. Designers should not be afraid to check out thrift stores and vintage shops for decorative pieces that will really stand out.

Is there a theme? A color scheme?

Themes can serve as a guideline for decorative pieces, as well as to avoid cluttering a space with too many random influences. Themes can be incredibly literal, such as transforming a dark basement apartment into a submarine themed adventure pad, complete with porthole shaped mirrors and frames for aquatic artwork. Themes can also be figurative, such as using pieces that are reminiscent of a favoured piece of literature or a film, without making the space look like a wacky movie set.

What resources do you have for unique/ interesting pieces?

As mentioned earlier, thrift and vintage shops can be great resources for finding one of a kind pieces that will stand out and set a space apart. However these shops can vary in quality depending on location. If no such stores are available, online resources can be used as well, though there is a risk of items not being exactly as advertised. Adequate research should be done on any online purchases in order to prevent unnecessary setbacks in the decorating process.

By deciding what to do with a room before beginning the decorating process, a lot of mishaps and headaches can be avoided. Asking these simple questions will allow for a more thorough and carefully thought out design that will beautifully meld form and function into an impressive living or work space.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home décor. She currently writes for ECOS Paints, a leading vendor of superior, durable and eco-friendly paints

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