At Télio, if there’s one thing we love doing, it’s supporting new designers! We used to do it right from the get go, when up and coming designers are still studying their craft in design school, with our annual design competition (we’re taking a break this year to come back bigger and better next year).

That being said, design school is where the learning happens and where designers discover the basics. Once that is done, that’s when designers get their creative wings. They can truly branch out and create something to their image.

We always love to see first, second and third collections by new designers. They’re always done with such heart and passion. It’s a thing to behold.

Midnight MTL started out as a school project, when the two designers behind the brand were studying Fashion Management and Design at UQAM. They wanted to create a unisex clothing line with major roots in the city they both love; Montreal.

Midnight MTL

Credits: Midnight MTL

We love how they came up with their brand’s name ”Halfway between the sunrise and the sunset, midnight marks the beginning and the end of each day.” The logic behind it gives it a certain romantic and poetic aspect to it, doesn’t it?

For them, midnight signifies the neutral point in a day, as well as making one think of the night life and the moods that surround it. The neutral aspect is also reflected in their choice of designing a unisex collection, halfway between men and women.

Their first collection offers us various tops and bottoms in beautiful grey, navy, black & white jersey (all hand made in Montréal using Télio fabric). Some of the garments have little Montreal touches in the form of locally made prints that make them feel so much more special. We’re in love with the minimalistic skyline print!

ELI Midnight MTL

Crédit: Midnight MTL

You can shop the entire collection on their cute website. We look forward to what comes next for Midnight MTL.

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