Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ Finalist & School Q&A: Seneca College

Let’s start the week off right by presenting our weekly Q&A Post featuring Canada’s Breakthrough Designers’ finalists! This Monday, we introduce you Seneca College’s students, Jiaxin Xu and Jing Zhao, and their school representative, Betty Michaud.



Finalist – Jiaxin Xu:

What is your present state of mind at this point in the TÉLIO Competition?
I’m super excited to be heading to Montreal for the upcoming events. I can’t wait to meet other talented designers from all over Canada and gain valuable experience outside of school about the fashion design industry.

Finalist – Jing Zhao:

Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them?
I love every part about designing! Sometimes constructing is painstaking, but it is well worth the challenge. However, I have to say that my pleasure doubles when I see the real garment!

School Representative – Betty Michaud: Professor

What do you expect of your students in the competition?
As all the hard work of constructing garments is complete, I hope the student finalists can enjoy the wonderful event TÉLIO hosts in Montreal. I encourage them to connect with the other student designers from across Canada to expand and enrich their educational and professional experience. Thank you to the TÉLIO team for making the student design competition such an incredible experience for finalists and continuing to promote Canadian fashion designers.

Once your students complete the Fashion Design programme, what is the one thing you would like them to take-away from their time at Seneca College?
The greatest take-away would be for the students to realize that they have the skills and creativity to pursue a career in the fashion industry anywhere in the world. The fashion industry is so diverse and constantly evolving, but with their passion and know-how, I hope that the Seneca experience helped them to believe in themselves.

Have a good Monday!


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#TelioTBT to 10 years ago, when it all started… This year marks the 10th anniversary of TÉLIO’s competition, Canada’s Breakthrough Designers, which has throughout the course of the years introduced over 200 creative talents to the Canadian fashion industry.  With each edition reflective of current trends, the competition continues to gain a reputation amongst Canadian […]

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On the surface, Lasalle College’s Soirée Mode is a blank canvas. Their teaser video portrays just that; a white bubble television turned to a static channel, with snippets introduced by 4 different hashtags- #HYSTERIA, #BRKLYNSBADDST, #DUPLICATA, and #PLUR. Four different realities, two shows, one integrated event. This ambiguity, however, is completely intentional. The Fashion Presentation […]

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