• Valued at more than $10 million
  • Active inventory of over 3 million metres of fashion textiles
  • More than 10,000 textile variations in a range of colours and prints
  • More than 500 new textile products developed every season
  • 8 million metres of fabrics handled by the head office every year
  • The largest collection of fabrics in the country offering a diversified and complete selection
  • Télio carries a growing collection of ecological and organic products


  • More than 2,000 client accounts in 2015
  • 4% to 5% sales growth annually


  • Quality imported textiles all designed in Canada.
  • Consistently flourishing exports throughout the American continent and more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


  • More than 90 employees
  • A 65,000 square feet head office located in Montreal
  • Two separate divisions: Fashion Fabrics and Interior Furnishings
  • 5 showrooms in operation: 2 in Montreal, 2 in Toronto and 1 in Vancouver
  • A 30 person sales team and growing
  • A team of Research and Development experts operate under in Fashion Fabrics

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