Carina Spencer : Deer & Doe’s Dress and Jacket

6W Vintage Corduroy (39525-06)  and Silky Noil (39423-16): Dress and Jacket : Deer & Doe’s pattern: TÉLIO Collaboration by Carina Spencer.

Ever since Deer & Doe released their Spring 2018 collection, I’ve had it on my “someday list” to make this dress and jacket, so when TÉLIO reached out for a collaboration I decided someday was now. Except, whoa, it’s *really* not spring anymore and with recommended fabrics like cotton voile and double gauze, these patterns were designed for warm weather wear. But to me, the silhouettes of these two together were just right for the kind of throwback, handmade winter holiday vibe I wanted, so I decided to chance it and go for a cold weather version of this set.

The Dress

The fabric I chose for Deer & Doe’s Myosotis Dress is TÉLIO’s “silky noil”, a linen/rayon blend with a slubby texture and fluid drape. The linen content provides a cozy warmth and the rayon adds weight. It was hard to choose a color from the rainbow TÉLIO offered me, but I had my heart set on this perfect spruce green and in the end it is exactly what I hoped it would be! Honestly, Myosotis in this fabric is perfect for all season wear and I can’t wait to re-style it come spring.

I’m not usually one to wear a lot of ruffles, but I decided to go all out and sew Myosotis View B with the holidays in mind and I don’t regret it one bit. The only modifications I made was to move the bust darts north 3/4” and take out 1” of length on the bodice at the lengthen/shorten line. These have become pretty standard modifications for my body and I do them on almost every pattern.

The Jacket

I have always had an affinity for velvet, corduroy, and all manner of richly textured fabrics. I have lived with anxiety my whole life and the weight and feel of these fabrics grounds me. In my teen years I used repurposed patches of velvet to mend my overalls, and in darker moments I would rub my fingers back and forth across the patches to calm my nerves. All this to say that watching velvet and corduroy come back into favor (and thus availability) over the last couple years has been a comforting surprise, so when I saw TÉLIO’s vintage style, wide-wale, cotton cord in chocolate brown among the fabric options I had to choose from it was a no-brainer for me.

Deer & Doe’s Nénuphar Jacket has the most lovely details: cropped kimono-style sleeves, a notched collar, gathered waist in the back, and buttoned pockets. I crossed my fingers and hoped the added structure of corduroy would accentuate these details and not fight with them. The resulting jacket is better than I even hoped for and the perfect companion to the ruffled sleeves on Myosotis. I sewed View A of Nénuphar and again took my standard 1” of length out of the bodice.


The Hat

I am a knitting pattern designer by trade and the hat I wore in these photos is my Second Chances pattern. It was designed as part of a set inspired by the iconic film, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and is knit in Malabrigo Twist in the Sealing Wax color.