Meet Jessica, our inside sales go-to for Toronto! With her upbeat energy and contagious enthusiasm, she puts a smile on her clients’ faces!

Not only has she been selling the goods for over a decade, she’s totally talented and fully creates her own looks too! See her in our Pixel Chiffon (39541-01) above <3

Position: Toronto Showroom Sales Representative

Years with TÉLIO11 years

Favourite part of the job: Being surrounded by a variety of beautiful fabrics as well as building relationships with customers. Some have been on my list since I started, so it’s always a pleasure to catch up and talk about what’s new in their lives.

Favourite fabric: Oh this one is very, very hard! I really prefer basic, but luxurious and soft- feeling fabrics like our Tencel II, but I can’t resist the Burnout Velvets or the printed Rayons. I’m a fabric hoarder…the sky is the limit.

Your main job function: Main functions are overseeing the accounts, managing the showroom, answering emails and phone calls in a timely manner, entering orders, giving fabric opinions and advice. (Plus I’m honest. If I feel one fabric is better than the other, I will give my opinion based on first-hand experience or from other customers.) Much like a library, I keep everything in its proper order and place so that it’s easy to find when someone needs it.

What is your hobby outside of work? At the moment- loads of sewing!

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