Brittany J. Jones : DIY Button-Up

Chloé Check (39517-01) Classic Button-Up Shirt: McCalls 7575: TÉLIO Collaboration by Brittany J. Jones

Hey everybody! Happy Wednesday! I’ve been obsessed with making button up shirts lately so this post couldn’t have come at a better time! Before we jump into today’s look, if you’ve missed any of the post from this September collaboration with TÉLIO you can check them out here. So far we’ve made a super cute Rayon Top, Denim Pants, and today a classic Button Up Shirt!

Like I said in my inspiration post on Monday, these shirts are kinda like an essential wardrobe piece. They are so versatile. I now have 4 that I’ve recently made and I definitely see a denim one in my queue soon.

For my shirt I used McCalls 7575 View B. I cut the size 14 and made no adjustments to the pattern. I mentioned in my last post that while this is a great pattern, I found it has some details on it that are just not for me. I have since made another button up pattern that I love so, I’m gonna hold off on this review so I can do a side by side comparison and review them both together later.

One detail this and the other pattern both have that I LOVE are the front and back contour (fish eye) darts! I think they are so flattering and gives the tops great shape!

For fabric, I used this amazing black and white windowpane fabric from TÉLIO (Chloe Check: Style #39517 Color: 01). This fabric is a polyester & rayon blend. I just love it, this fabric feels amazing. I shared some other TÉLIO fabric options here that would be great for a button up shirt.

I paired my top with my Simplicity 8701 pants from Week 2 of this collab. I love how I’m able to mix and match and get the most out of these pieces. The first look was cute and casual, this look is definitely business, workwear!

These pants were made using some amazing denim from TÉLIO (Allegro Denim: Style# 33860: Color: 02) and they are fantastic. I wrote all about them here with links to the fabric. These pants sew up really great. You can watch the Sew With Me video I made for them, to help walk you through making your own.


Thanks so much for stopping by! On Friday I’ll be uploading the Sew With Me video to walk you through the steps to make your own McCalls 7575 button up top! Until then…



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