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the TÉLIO project: make a statement / by Emily Hallman Designs

This post is kindly sponsored by TÉLIO, and the fabric was provided to me for this project. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.


Part of the fun for me in sewing is the fashion element to it all- keeping up with the trends (from a respectable, “let’s not go overboard” distance) and following my favorite designers and observing street style and watching the latest design concepts take shape. And while I don’t follow fashion as closely as I used to – I’m probably not the first person to have seen so-and-so’s latest collection – it’s fun to be able to incorporate it into my projects. A trend here and there, a popular print every now and then, a pop of the “it” color that season – it’s so rewarding to be able to call the shots for your clothes in a way that works for you. Of course, color is a big, big part of my sewing journey, primarily because I just love it, but also because it adds a dimension to planning my wardrobe that is more challenging and interesting than just sewing individual projects in random colors simply because I like them. Sewing like this gives me a roadmap, so to speak. It’s like puzzle pieces that, hopefully at the end of this adventure, can all work together.

I don’t think there’s any color that I don’t like, but there’s absolutely color combinations that I avoid like the plague (red and yellow comes to mind – hello, McDonald’s and ketchup and mustard). There’s colors that work really well for me (reds, rich pinks, navy, saturated emeralds), and there’s also colors that I don’t wear well at all, like white, mint green, and lilac. And then there’s those colors that don’t necessarily fall into any category, but add a little something to our seasonal wardrobes: the statement colors. And this gorgeous goldenrod in today’s post is my idea of the perfect statement color.

This particular color is so, so good for fall and winter. It’s just so warm and rich and autumnal, and it goes beautifully with other fall colors like brown and khaki and burgundy. It’s a tough color to pull off right next to the face for some of us (ahem, that’d be me), but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits entirely. The moment I saw this fabric in person I knew it would be perfect for a skirt or a pair of pants, and because I’m on sort of a pants kick of late I decided to go that route. I happened to have just enough for a wrap top, which was a nice little bonus because that definitely wasn’t planned.

Fabric, patterns, notes, etc:

  • Stone Mountain Fabric is your go to source for this fabric. It’s a medium weight stretch cotton sateen, so it’s a nice option for a skirt, jacket, or dress. It’s 97% cotton/3% spandex, and you can shop it here. It’s listed as mustard and I’m calling it goldenrod or marigold – all the same.
  • I used McCall’s 7726 for the pants, and with three versions of the tapered leg pants, a pair of shorts, and a pair of wide leg linen culottes, it’s time to archive this one. For a few more details about these pants, see this post with the first pair I made earlier this year.
  • I used New Look 6560 for the wrap top, and it’s a nice pattern. Easy to sew, fits well.
  • I’m wearing my new navy linen/eyelet blouse with the pants, and I’ll have that one on the blog soon. (I’m a little surprised that I’ve made three versions of these pants, because just about the only thing that really works with them – for me, anyway – is something tucked in.) Goldenrod and navy is such a lovely pairing though, so that was definitely one reason why I put those two together. The pattern for the blouse is Vogue 8689.

I’m glad I had enough of this fabric for a top too, because I think, of the two pieces, I’ll get lots of use out of that this fall. It’s just the thing with jeans, and I’m excited to try it with a few skirts and other pants. And while I had just enough for the top, I didn’t have enough to cut the facing pieces in this fabric, so I just used a cotton print I had in my linings drawer. Matches well and works beautifully as the facing. And that, fellow sewists, is why I keep a stocked supply of lining and a few random fabrics. Boy do they come in handy sometimes!

This top ties on the inside, and there’s a button closure on the outside.

The fact that I have three pairs of these tapered, paper bag waist pants (and one in this color, no less) is hilarious to me. It’s not the most versatile pant on the planet and they may be relegated to the back of the closet in a year’s time, but I sure do like them right now. I made these exactly like I did the black pair back in February, and now I’m all set for pants in a crazy color. I’m curious to try them with some suede booties and a sweater too. That might be a great outfit when it gets colder here around Christmas.

There’s one more look to share with you before we wrap up this series with TÉLIO, and it will be on the blog tomorrow. Then on Friday we’ll mix everything up and look at some of the outfit options this project has produced, and there will be a giveaway for the apple print sateen you saw a couple weeks ago as well as this goldenrod sateen. Looking forward to it!



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