TOP 5 FRIDAY: Fabric Picks

We get so much fabric at the Télio offices that some times we just have to take a moment and share our favourites with you. We can’t keep all of this love for ourselves!

As you know, we’re always partial to prints, solid coloured textiles are fun and we always image the garments we would make with them, but prints are just more fun to look at.

Here are out top 5 favourite fabrics from the past few weeks!

01. Ponte Print (36712)
This gorgeous print is 57% Polyester, 38% Rayon and 5% Spandex, so it is thick and stretchy, just the way we like it. We absolutely adore the vintage feeling of the floral print, the way it looks aged and lived in.

Ponte Print

Credits: Télio

02. Houndstooth (36744, colour 01)
This houndstooth remix print comes in white, blue, gold and silver, but we prefer the classic white. The print contains 3 variations of the houndstooth design, which gives it a modern, fresh feel, all the while keeping with it’s classic and timeless nature. It’s 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex.


Credits: Télio

03.  Bounty (36717)
This quilted Bounty fabric comes in very vibrant shades of silver and gold, as well as a classic black hue. It’s magnificent shine left us speechless, we don’t know what we’d make with this, but we love it anyway!


Credits: Télio

04. Moda Crepe Print (36798)
We’re very into the colour palette of this floral print. We have a soft spot for anything that pairs brown and light blue together. Forever nostalgic for the 1970s.

Moda Crepe

Credit: Télio

05. Blossom Chiffon Print (36873)
Who doesn’t love a good pin-up lady print? This one is simply irresistible! This one comes in red, green & navy and it reminds of us the summer.

Blossom Chiffon

Credits: Télio

How do you feel about our fabric picks? Let us know!


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