MONDAY MOOD: Quilted Fabrics

Strangely, we often hear people talk about using pre-quilted fabric to make quilts. Technically, that’s not really what it’s made for.

Of course, you’re welcome to do whatever you want with it, but we prefer to use it for other things. What kind of things you may ask? The possibilities are endless!


Credits: Télio

Coats for one, would be our first choice, skirts, vests, tote bags, you can even use pre-quilted fabric for non/clothing items such as; casserole carriers, picnic blankets, Christmas tree skirts and all around kitchen items.

We have a very large selection of quilted fabric here at Télio, we have something for all of your pre-quilted needs!


Credits: Télio


Credits: Télio

Our Quilt Patch (36720) available in 8 different colours, our Mini Quilt (65581) available in 4 colours, our Sweden Quilt (34836) that comes in a total of 9 different colours and our Chelsea Quilt (34822) in 4 colours, all pictured here, are some of our favourites in our entire collection!


Credits: Télio

Have you ever worked with pre-quilted fabric before? What did you make with it? Let us know!

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