TREND ALERT: Blanket Capes

If you’ve been inside a clothing store this season you’ve undoubtedly seen this season’s biggest trend; the blanket cape! Yes, we’re aware it’s just a fancy industry name for a poncho, but we’re all over it, and technically, the blanket cape is worn a little longer than the regular, traditional fringy poncho that was all the rage 10 years ago.

The street style stars of the internet are all aflutter over them because of their showy and attention grabbing nature. Depending on the print of your blanket cape, all eyes can be on you.

Blanket Capes

Credits: (Left Row) Zara, The Fashion Tag (Right Row) Zara, The Fashion Tag, Mod Xchange

Here are a few things to remember while wearing a blanket cape. Keep your outfit simple. Without a doubt the breakout piece of your outfit should be the blanket cape, don’t create any visual tension with a funky sweater or a printed pant, let the blanket cape win.

Use the blanket cape to your advantage, if you feel your look for the day is too plain, throw on a printed blanket cape to revitalise your outfit.

Blanket Capes 2

Credits: (Top Row) Getty/Daily Mail, Jazzy Belle Dot Com (Bottom Row) Lauren Messiah, Burberry

Don’t be scared to wear it out! Yes, blanket capes are casual, comfortable and make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but the transition from day to night is possible. It’s all about the fabric, and the way you accessorize it,  pairing it with a fun heel can be the only thing you need to help turn your blanket cape from casual to formal.

Here are some amazing Télio fabrics that would make stunning blanket capes (they’re so easy to make, how could you not!)

Télio Blanket

Credits: Télio

The blanket capes are really the cover up choice this season and we can only hope they stay around for many seasons to come. We LOVE them!

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