TREND ALERT: Sequin Tunics

Have you ever had that moment where you see a piece of clothing and you know that you will never get over it. We say ”never get over it” because buying said piece is totally out of the question, but it simply will never leave our thoughts for as long as we live. Has that ever happened to you?

During Fashion Week, we fell in love with the most unexpected piece. The stunning green sequin tunic from Jasper Conran‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. It is simply to die for.

Jasper Conran Tunic

Credit: FirstView/Vogue

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Conran wasn’t the only one doing tunics, they were all over the runway. They’re back in a big way for Spring/Summer 2016! They’re so easy to wear, we can’t wait. They look good with flats, heels, they can be dressed up, dressed down, they’re totally multi-purpose.

Sequin Tunics

Credits: Shop Tendency, UK Fashion Site, Tumblr

Tunics are great, but sequin tunics are amazing! Here are some Télio fabrics that would make amazing tunics!

Télio Tunic

Credits: Télio

Are you excited for the tunic extravaganza that is sure to happen in 2016? Would you make your own tunic? Let us know!


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