MOOD: Motivational Fall Fabrics

We know that fall can sometimes be depressing. It means the end of summer, it means colder weather, it means less sunlight, it means the holiday shopping season is coming. Here at Télio, instead of feeling blue, we embrace the season!

We do so by wearing a lot of October’s unofficial colour, Orange!

Orange, like red, can have a psychological effect on your mood when you wear the colour. It brightens things up, makes you just a little bit more jovial. We highly recommend it!

To put you in the mood, we picked our Top 5 favourite Orange fabrics, perfect for October!

Ava Tweed (style 36927, colour 06)


Credit: Télio

Cara Multi Stripe (style 36527, colour 06)


Credit: Télio

Melrose Knit (style 35800, colour 09)


Credit: Télio

Alpine Rib Print (style 35517, colour 02)


Credit: Télio

Autumn Stripe (style 34944, colour 06)


Credit: Télio

Let your mind run free, and your spirits run high, be original, bold and creative! Let the orange roll!

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