This summer, there’s a new bright colour in town! We’ll be showcasing Toxic Green as our statement hue. It’s the green that instantly turns heads, no matter what it is; a bag, a car, a dog leash, it catches the eye.

With the advent of green screens, digital watches and unfortunate toxic waste, it might feel like this colour has been part of out lives for a while, but people rarely have the courage to wear it. You need to really want attention on a particular day to wear a toxic green garment. It’s a high-voltage hue!

We have some really exciting textiles that are offered in this colour at the moment, like the Jessica Eyelet shown below, as well as the Digital Nuance print, style 64019 which is a silk and rayon mix (top left corner below). Our Alexa Crepe (style 35226) also comes in a very toxic hue of green for all your attention grabbing needs.

All of us here at the Télio offices feel like this colour is more accessible in the form of accessories, but with the right garment, we would dare.

How about you?

Toxic Green

(Top Row – Left to Right) Télio’s Digital Nuance Print, Style 64019, Colour 01, Image 02, Image 03. (Middle Row – Left to Right) Image 01, Télio’s Jessica Eyelet, Style 65037, Colour 06, Image 03. (Bottom Row – Left to Right) Image 01, Image 02, Image 03.


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