TREND ALERT: High and Low Mixing

We now live in a time where all trends are trendy at all times. Fashion shows, which used to dictate style trends for a given season for an entire industry are now rendered almost obsolete. There are no clear trends, colours or styles that can be pinpointed to a specific season. Designers are all doing something different, getting their inspiration from different places and they simply do what feels right to them in the moment.

That being said, style trends still exist… On the street! They pop up a few at a time and you can observe them in major cities, be it the normcore of a few years ago, or the gothletic look of last year. These trends come to life out of nowhere and they’re actually the ones influencing major designers now. We went from trends being dictated from the top down to the opposite.

One thing that everyone loves to participate in, regardless of your style subgroup, is pairing trends that are high end with low end. The expensive mixed with the cheap, the exotic fabric paired with the plain old cotton. The rules have gone out the window and we’re all free to experiment. In some cases, thing work precisely because they don’t work and that’s the miracle of fashion!

It’s how this whole thing comes full circle.

We even saw evidence of this way back in November 1988, when model Michaela Bercu wore a 50.00$ pair of faded jeans with a 10 000.00$ Christian Lacroix jacket on the cover of Vogue magazine. It was true then and it’s still true today: there is nothing more fun than mixing high and low!

high low fabric mixing

(Left Row – Top to Bottom) Image 01, Image 02, Image 03. (Right Row – Top to Bottom) Télio’s Charlie Stripe; Style 65578, Colour 02, Image 02, Télio’s Julianna Chiffon Prit; Style 35265, Colour 03, Image 04.


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